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Steampunk Bedroom Ideas

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Ah, m’lady steampunktress, come in to my bedchamber and view my etchings! Let me relieve you of your outer stole…and your middle stole…and your inner middle stole…perhaps remove your boots and stay a while…let’s see, 40 buttons on each foot…(half an hour later)…and now your inner housecoat…and whalebone bustier…gosh, these cords are tight!…(one hour later)…and now your inner middle upper corset…I am sorry, madam, but I fear I have the vapors, and must swoon! (swoons on the fainting couch).

Steampunk used to be a fairly underground subculture some decades ago. Still, now it became quite a popular choice in interior design because of its quirky, creative, and yet classy style. Methinks this guide has gotten rather longer than intended but I hoped you find the ideas you were looking for. See you in the next guide!