Retro steampunk sunglasses on wooden tableRetro sunglasses on wooden table

Steampunk Glasses That’ll Help You See the Ominous Fog

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One of the most recognizable and enduring icons of steampunk is the glasses or goggles. Inspired by the cinder goggles of the Victorian Era, which were used to protect the eyes from dust and smoke, it has evolved into a fashion accessory that completes any steampunk getup. However, while goggles certainly look cool at a steampunk party, they aren't practical for everyday use. Not to mention the funny looks you will get if you choose to wear them in public.

Steampunk fashion shouldn’t only stop at parties and conferences. Who says you can’t wear glasses inspired from steampunk aesthetics in your day-to-day life? They are cool, trendy, and fun. Also, it allows you to speak your truest steamsona self.