Compact steampunk keyboard on a desk

Best Steampunk Keyboards

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Clickity-clack, clickity clack. The unobservant mind may believe it to be the sound of many a wheel set being pulled along by an engine run by steam. Alas, more than trains make the reverberating clang. It is, as you have suspected my dear friend, the sound of a mechanical keyboard.

From affordable, elegant models to luxurious, artisan-crafted pieces, and even DIY kits for the creative enthusiast, these fantastic contraptions are as varied as the one who creates or owns them. Whether you’re a tinkerer at heart or a connoisseur of vintage style, we hoped this guide helped you select the best keyboard you can use alongside your computing device–or what do they call it again, nowadays? Anyhow, send us a missive if you have a fascinating steampunk keyboard has caught your eye. Better yet, if you made one yourself. We would love to see interesting and imaginative contraptions built by others, too.