Steampunk lamp with tools on the background

Best Steampunk Lamps

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Now that you can buy those elongated Edison bulbs, the designs are limitless. Many lamps are built from interlocking copper pipes in interesting shapes. Add pressure gauges, clock faces (of course), and a valve or two. Another way to go is to fit a light bulb inside a bell jar that can be accessorized with coils, dials, and maybe even a brain!

Lamps are an important part of both steampunk and modern culture. While we may not power them in the same way, we can definitely bring the aesthetic into our homes to keep up inspired through reading in your living room or writing in your office.

Whether you have one in every corner or a single one on the nightstand in your bedroom, we hope this guide covering the best steampunk lamps will help inspire you to create a special space in your room that will serve as a central fixture.