Steampunk mask with gears cogs

Steampunk Masks

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Do you want to incorporate masks into your steampunk costume? Although not a staple of steampunk styling as goggles and hats do, masks can give a unique flair and mystery to your steamsona. No matter what character you are playing, if you are one to wear masks, we have made this post for you.

Steampunk masks evoke mystery and add flair to your outfit. Whether you are aiming for the elegant look that Venetian masks bring or the intimidating aura offered by plague doctors and gas masks, you will find many items styled in the steampunk tradition.

Don’t worry, though. Most of them are made of very lightweight materials and sold with an affordable price tag. On the other hand, you can always create your own DIY steampunk mask by getting a regular one and decorating it with accessories. You can then proudly say it’s handcrafted by you.

Hopefully, this rather long list helped you pick the best steampunk mask. If you want to check out steampunk goggles and hats, read more by clicking our guides below.